Advantage of Hinoki (Japanese cypress).

The following effects are expected for the scent of Hinoki (Japanese cypress).   


Relieving stress

Feeling refreshed

Relaxation effect of mind and body

Comfortable sleep

Reducing fatigue and increasing work efficiency of the next day

Even if such effects are not felt, the smell of wood has a healing effect.


The efficacy of Hinoki(Japanese cypress) is expected to be as follows.


Antimicrobial action・deodorant action・insecticidal action.

Prevention of mold and tick.

Prevention of termites and harmful insect.

It is said that there are few mosquitoes in the Hinoki (Japanese cypress)-made house.

Excellent durability.

It is said that there is no change in strength even after over 1000 years since logging.

It has superior hygroscopicity, so there is less dew condensation and more insulation.

In addition to these, there is the possibility of preventing atopy and asthma.

Although we can not say that it is absolutely true, we think that there are many things good for the body if you live in a house made of Hinoki(Japanese Cypress).

A Hinoki(Japanese Cypress) house is expensive, but when an individual makes a bookshelf or table by DIY and places it in a room, it smells of Hinoki(Japanese cypress).And you feel comfortable.

How about using flooring material not only on the floorboard but also on the wall to make a wooden room and make it a bedroom?

Maybe you can sleep really well.

If you continue to live in a wooden house for many years you will not be aware of the fragrance.
But peple who visit a wooden house seem to notice the fragrance of the tree.